Key Points of TG1000 Tmall Global 2019 Global Partners Summit

  • 2019-03-27
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On 21st March at its headquarter in Hangzhou, Alibaba organized the TG1000 Tmall Global 2019 Global Partners Summit. At the event, Tmall Global unveiled two key initiatives that further Alibaba’s plans to bring $200 billion worth of international goods into China over the next five years and help businesses of all sizes enter the China market. As the biggest cross-border platform in China, Tmall Global not only helps brands open up flagship stores on the platform, but also offers direct import services that can help international goods from companies of all sizes sell into the Chinese market.

Tmall President of Import and Export Division Alvin Liu announced the 3 strategic emphasis, namely, Synergy between Tmall Direct Import and Tmall Global Platform; Network of Tmall Overseas Fulfillment, Global Longtail Supply Chain; Strengthen Cross-border E-commerce by Influencers.

Tmall Global announced that it will continue to increase investment to achieve import coverage in more than 120 countries and regions within five years, and expand the number of commodities from 4,000 to more than 8,000 categories.

As the cross-border online omni-channel distributor of 3M, Ecstorm is happy to witness that 3M win the Rising Star Award of FY2019 in Tmall Global 2019 Global Partners Summit. Apart form 3M Tmall Overseas Flagship Store, some other cross-border platforms will be consecutively opened soon. With the enrichment of 3M categories and channels, the sales breakthrough can be expected soon.


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