A pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Marco Wang, CEO of Ecstorm visited Israeli Aurec Capital and some well-known enterprises

  • 2019-02-27
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Jerusalem, the holy city of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the centuries. Between history and reality, Jerusalem seems to stand quietly at the center of the world all the times. The dust of history, the Promised Land, the place where Jesus died... Instead of being assimilated, they still maintain their pure blood and unique religion, and Hebrew became the official language of the whole country. With its advanced science and technology, Israel leads the world in many fields and has become one of the most important countries in the world.

In the first half of 2018, Ecstorm was honored to have the investment from a famous Israeli company named Aurec Capital. And it was at this time during the Chinese Lunar New Year, Marco Wang, the CEO of Ecstorm and two other representatives went together to have a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, during which time Michael from Aurec Capital hosted the visiting group.

The team first went to the office of Aurec Capital where Marco made a detailed illustration and summary of the operation condition of Ecstorm. In 2018, Ecstorm has made several breakthroughs and the business circumstance was in good condition. Then the two parties had a deep discussion and outlook about the strategic development of Ecstorm for the coming year. Ecstorm will try to introduce more world-known brands to Chinese market, making the brand sides and consumers truly enjoy the tangible benefits.

Besides the above formal meeting, the team also visited some renowned local enterprises like Optimove, Dr. Fischer, Premier Dead Sea, etc. Israeli enterprises, which are famous for their "technology" and "innovation", have extraordinary influence all over the world. Ecstorm will try its best to cooperate with more and more excellent international brands in the near future.

As well, the team had an amazing cultural experience of the ancient city. Mount of Olives, Church of Crying Lord, All Nations Church, King David’s Tomb, Last dinner Room, Israel Museum, Western Wall Tunnel & Western Wall are all among the classic historical spots where the team accessed. It was such an unparalleled experience to tour from history to modern times.

With the investment of Aurec Capital, Ecstorm has not only won the financial support, but more superior overseas brands. The journey to Jerusalem will sure bring in more fresh ideas and perspectives to push Ecstorm to a more diversified future.


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