GSC Team from 3M visited Suzhou Ecstorm

  • 2019-01-29
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On 29 January, 2019, the 3M Global Channel Service Team and its Chinese e-commerce leaders came to visit Suzhou Ecstorm. They had an efficient communication at Ecstorm’s Customer Service Base. The two parties had a deep discussion and exchange about the problems in the supply chain of the past cooperation. The communication atmosphere was relaxing and harmonious, and the two sides got satisfactory answers to each other's questions

Senior leaders from Ecstorm took part in the conference. Li lijun, project manager of 3M, put forward professional views and analysis on further introducing more 3M products in line with the Chinese market in the future, and the two sides basically reached an agreement on the direction of major categories.

As the cross-border network distributor of all overseas products of 3M in China, Ecstorm has made remarkable achievements in the field of cross-border e-commerce in the past year. The visit of 3M headquarter team not only enhanced the in-depth discussion and exchange on business between the two sides, but also laid a good foundation for the further cooperation between Ecstorm and 3M. More technology-based 3M products will continue to benefit millions of Chinese consumers.

After the meeting, the host took the group of guests from afar to visit the Humble Administrator's Garden, a representative of the classical gardens in the south of the Yangtze River. Then they went to Pingjiang Road, an ancient street of history and culture, to appreciate the epitome of the ancient city of Suzhou, and tasted the delicious food of Suzhou in a local restaurant.


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