Suzhou Ecstorm headquarter office


Moving ahead with a new beginning- A Ceremony for the new Suzhou Ecstorm headquarter office

  • 2020-09-01
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On August 28, 2020, a simple yet very meaningful ceremony was held at Ecstorm Suzhou office, to inaugurate the opening of the new office. Marco Wang, the founder and CEO of the company, along with other top management of the company and all the employees have all taken part in this event. The new office marked a brand new era of the history of Ecstorm.

The ceremony started from Marco’s speech and the ribbon cutting. Marco gave a strategic speech of the future development of Ecstorm, encouraging everyone to create a better future together. Ecstorm can now be found on the 17th floor of Phase 3, Suzhou International Science and Technology Park. While still in the same park, Ecstorm has moved from the former 3rd floor to the current 17th floor, with a larger yet more comfortable work environment. As an e-commerce company with a history of 10 years, Ecstorm has been growing with the wave of the development of Chinese e-commerce. In the near future, Ecstorm will serve for more potential international brands, bringing more qualify products for Chinese consumers.

Suzhou Ecstorm headquarter office Suzhou Ecstorm headquarter office


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