ECSTORM Delivers 10,000 Packs SANITARIUM Cereal to Wuhan

  • 2020-02-14
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With the epidemic raging, all sectors of society have joined in the anti-epidemic war. As an e-commerce company with social responsibility, ECSTORM has also made a little contribution to the disaster area, wishing the virus ending sooner.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, ECSTORM has been helping government negotiate with different protective materials. After hearing that local medical staff and many patients in Wuhan do not have good food, or even some of them can only eat instant noodles for many days, ECSTORM thought of its agent Australian cereal brand SANITARIUM, which might be able to help the disaster area. After discussing with the brand side, ECSTORM quickly decided to donate 10,000 packs of cereal (market value 800,000 yuan) to Wuhan through Alibaba logistics.

All the goods have been delivered from Changzhou warehouse on February 11th. They will be allocated to the places where needed according to the actual situation.

SANITARIUM is an Australian well-known brand and was known to Chinese consumers due to a TV play ODE TO JOY. ECSTORM wishes to bring health and joy to Wuhan people.


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