Newsletter on Ecstorm’s Double 11 Performance in 2018

  • 2018-11-19
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When the second hand struck 00:00 on 12 November 2018, it marked the end of this year’s Double 11 Shopping Festival, an annual carnival for all consumers in China and abroad. It also was the 9th Double 11 that Ecstorm was engaged in and this time we served more than 50 brands and the 1-day GMV from all platforms we operate on surpassed Rmb 1.05 billion.

In addition to the existing brands we serve, such as Ozlana, ZOKU, EGO, and Sanitarium, Ecstorm added new brands including 3M, EZPZ and Bwell, etc., and therefore enriched the brands and categories for Ecstorm's overseas flagship store. All these brands sold better this year than ever before, for instance,

• Mexigenes milk powder sold more than 15,000 pieces, a 400% increase over 3,000 pieces sold in the 2017 Double 11 period;

• The GMV of EGO overseas flagship store doubled that of 2017 in just the first hour on Double 11 and that day's total GMV increased by 150% compared to that of last year's;

• Ozlana overseas flagship store ranked among Top 3 in the presale period among the fashion category on Tmall Global, and the total GMV on Double 11 increased by 300% over that of last year's;

• Ozlambugg only opened its Tmall overseas flagship store in November this year and the GMV exceeded Rmb 1 million on Double 11.

Ecstorm launched seven customer service bases across China during this year's Double 11 Festival, with 1,500+ customer service staff serving about 100 online stores, among which a few stores achieved Rmb 100m+ GMV, making the total GMV from Ecstorm’s customer service sector above Rmb 850 million.

From 2018, Ecstorm began to cooperate with 3M, a Fortune 500 conglomerate, to take care of its cross-border online business. Right before this year's Double 11, 3M signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tmall Global. Ecstorm hopes to take the opportunity of this win-win cooperation to bring more 3M's quality products to consumers in China.

2018 also marks the 3rd year of Ecstorm's cooperation with Australia's EGO QV, of which the products recommended together by China's celebrity Ms. Liu Tao and Mr. Cui Yutao, a parenting expert, have seen tremendous growth since being launched in China in 2016. More than 500,000 pieces of the new version baby cream were sold upon its market launch this year, and the product is expected to rake in a total revenue of Rmb 300 million by the end of 2018.

Ecstorm will continue to improve and upgrade its brand serving capabilities, so as to help more overseas brands to expand into China's market and provide better services and e-commerce solutions to brands in China and from abroad.


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