Newsletter on Ecstorm's Double 11 2019 Performance

  • 2019-11-12
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As the time entered the next day after November 11, 2019, the online shopping carnival of the Chinese consumers had drawn to a close. This was also the 10th Double 11of Ecstorm, in which the company served more than 50 international brands including 3M, EGO, OZLANA, Chungjungone, Three Gun, Simar, Barabara and Anta, representing brands from more than 10 countries such as the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Korea. With a number of brands performing well on the day, Ecstorm achieved an overall GMV of more than Rmb 1.2 billion (~$ 171m).

For this year's Double 11, Ecstorm launched a number of bases in Suzhou, Jiaxing, Lianyungang, etc., with a total of 1,500 full and part-time employees providing services for nearly 100 online stores continuously. The GMV of several stores surpassed Rmb 100 million.

Ecstorm Overseas Flagship Store, which carries a number of international brands, continued to be popular this year. Maxigene Milk Powder was pre-ordered more than 15,000 pieces and was out of stock before 10am on the Single's Day. Cemoy 21 days renew serum and Q10 body lotion were both sold out in 30 minutes. The GMV of this store surpassed the whole day of last Double 11 at 10am.

The brand ambassadress of EGO, Liu Tao, began to publicize the QV baby care series on Weibo a few days before Double 11. The sales of EGO Overseas Flagship Store went above Rmb 2 million in one hour. Plus, there were more than 10,000 orders of the star items of EGO and was out of stock very soon.

The sales of 3M Tmall Overseas Flagship Store increased by 236% YOY.

In addition, the popularity of OZLANA, an Australian luxury clothing brand, continues to soar this year. During the warm-up period of Double 11, the brand page continued to occupy the homepage of Tmall Women's Wear category. The sales volume on the day of Double 11 exceeded 10 million in 68 minutes, and it successfully ranked the 6th on the list of Tmall's most potential brands list.

Looking to the future, Ecstorm will continue to improve its brand service capabilities and try joining hands with more international quality brands to jointly build brand image with brand sides, thus bringing more global quality goods to Chinese consumers.


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