Brand Theory - A Dialogue Between Cross-border E-commerce Masters

  • 2019-05-22
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On 16th May, the Brand Theory Conference organized by D&K Cross-border E-commerce Club was held in Ningbo successfully. Marco Wang, CEO of Ecstorm was invited to attend the event, together with many other famous cross-border e-commerce practitioners. They had a heat dialogue during the conference and many related knowledge and latest industry trend information was shared and spread which made the event active and dynamic.

Marco addressed a speech on “How Overseas Brands Enter China Market” which illustrated the preparation works, operation strategies and some special notices of how an overseas brand enter Chinese online market. Some other cross-border e-commerce masters also delivered speeches, bringing a grand banquet for all the attendees.

During the conference, Ecstorm also exhibited some products of the brands the company is doing. Many professional private Taobao buyers and well-known platforms buyers had a zero-distance communication together.

This activity provides a good platform for information exchange, collision of ideas, business cooperation and negotiation among enterprises in the cross-border e-commerce industry chain. At the same time, it also displays the innovation highlights and achievements of cross-border e-commerce industry, and will further promote the development and cooperation of cross-border e-commerce, and connect the cross-border e-commerce ecosphere with efficient coordination.This ecological circle will help the global cross-border e-commerce to realize the long-cherished wish of buying and selling products of all countries, while hundreds of millions of consumers can buy things from around the world, and small and medium-sized enterprises can sell the products from all the globe.


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