Mr Meitar from Israeli Aurec Group visited Suzhou Ecstorm

  • 2018-10-11
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On 11 October, Mr Meitar and his fellow companions from Israeli Aurec Group came and visited Ecstorm in Suzhou. Mr Wang Jiangang, CEO of Ecstorm, along with some other administrative staff attended and received them. The two parties had a wide and deep communication about Ecstorm’s operation development and strategic cooperation.

The first stop they went to was Customer Service Center office of Ecstorm. While visiting, they listened to the introductions of customer service, cross-border e-commerce and general trades. Mr Meitar got a general idea of our services to brands, and appreciated our grasping the opportunity of cross-border e-commerce to serve overseas brands. He was very interested in our mode of cultivating customer service staff. Plus, he experienced some of Ecstorm’s overseas products.

Then, Mr Wang and other administrative staff introduced development situations of e-commerce, the boom of cross-border e-commerce in recent years, and also the basic information of Ecstorm. During all the process, Mr Meitar expressed his appreciation on the running of the company and the awards Ecstorm had achieved. Mr Meitar also put forward some constructive suggestions on the development and running of Ecstorm. In addition, he analyzed international situations and industrial developing trends, providing much important information.

After the communication, the two parties exchanged gifts to show friendly relations and hoped that they can further deepen the long-term cooperation.

Aurec Group was founded in the late 1960s and ever had a long 50-50 partnership with AT&T. After 50 years’ development, Aurec has become one of the most famous holding companies in Isreal. Amongst the group's holdings have been Amdocs(U.S. listed information technology company), Golden Lines (Israel's biggest cable operator), Golden Pages (the Israeli Yellow Pages), Med One (Mediterranean fiber corporation), etc.

Shmuel Meitar is the founder of Time to Know, which is the first comprehensive digital teaching platform. Also, he is co-founder of Aurec Group, which has a 40-year record of building companies from inception to maturity. In addition, he is the founding and active member of core group, Breaking the Impasse, which operates under the auspices of the World Economic Forum. For the past decade, he has been involved in education and medical research philanthropy, including serving on the boards of Faster Cures and Prostate Cancer Foundation, US, and sponsoring research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and by Nobel laureates.

As a world renowned entrepreneur and investor, Mr Meitar’s visit to Ecstorm will inject new momentum and bring new opportunities to Ecstorm which brings great confidence to Ecstorm. We are looking forward that Mr Meitar and his Aurec Group will become an acceleration pusher for Ecstorm to contact more international brands, going further in such areas as e-commerce service and trades.


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